Revolutionizing the car wash industry: how PRO BRO Express became one of the fastest growing operators in Europe
Revolutionizing the car wash industry: how PRO BRO Express became one of the fastest growing operators in Europe
Posted 2023/03/31 by PRO BRO

The car wash industry is rapidly evolving, and operators who want to stay ahead of the game must adapt to new technologies and business models. PRO BRO Express is the only operator in Europe that can wash over 220 cars per hour on a single conveyor. This is made possible by the use of equipment sourced from a recognized international manufacturer, which is tailored to PRO BRO Express unique needs. With 25 years of experience in car wash business development and operation, PRO BRO Express has a proven business model that has produced impressive results.

Currently, PRO BRO Express has 15 properties in its network, with 7 more properties set to open in 2023, including four in the Latvian market. The company’s success is due in part to its franchise model, which allows for standardized operations, processes, support, and training across all facilities. This, in turn, enables the use of common infrastructure, such as IT systems, business management tools, marketing efforts, and customer bases, among others.

To support its rapid growth and ongoing innovation, PRO BRO Express employs more than 700 professionals, with 150 working in administration and the vast majority dedicated to the business development of Express tunnel car washes. This team includes experts in construction, design, equipment installation, innovation, marketing, customer service, sales, IT, and more. With such a talented and diverse team, PRO BRO Express can offer unique technical solutions for Express car wash equipment, such as an anti-collision system, intelligent chemical dosing system, and secondary water utilization system.

Moreover, PRO BRO Express has developed IT solutions, including apps and Power BI business management systems, to support its operations and streamline its processes. The company also has years of experience working with professional real estate developers, which helps reduce the number of errors in the design and construction process.

PRO BRO Express commitment to innovation and excellence has earned it national and regional recognition among partners and investors. The company is actively expanding its network of partners, which is a testament to its success and reputation.

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Posted 2023/03/31