Novel Technology Setting New Benchmarks in Carwash Market
Novel Technology Setting New Benchmarks in Carwash Market
Posted 2024/05/21 by Ieva Bublytė-Babelė

Digitalization is transforming the car wash industry, improving service speed and customer experience through automation. Moreover, embracing technological advancement fosters eco-friendly practices in the car wash industry, which benefits both the environment and business performance.

The trend towards digitalization continues to hold strong as 38% of business executives are planning to invest in technology to gain a competitive advantage. Their main goals are to enhance operational efficiencies and meet customer expectations. In sectors such as car washing, the opportunities for automation and digitization are particularly promising. Adopting advanced technologies can significantly enhance service speed, increase resource efficiency, and improve customer convenience, reshaping the overall service experience and setting new standards.

Digital shifts increase car wash speed

“Most people today have a daily to-do list that wouldn’t even compare to the average carwash client a decade ago. Speed and convenience in the industry have become paramount to accommodate this shift in lifestyle. Now, to remain competitive, a car wash should not take longer than getting your morning coffee from your go-to coffee shop,” says Kristijonas Minelga, Head of Business Development and Franchise at PRO BRO, the fastest-growing international franchise network of express tunnel car washes in Europe.

Advancements in technology have significantly enhanced the speed of car wash systems. Traditional tunnel car washes, including drive-through or mini tunnels, typically process 40-50 cars per hour, whereas automated express tunnel systems can handle up to 220 cars per hour with one car wash taking only 96 seconds. This increased throughput on the conveyor belt not only speeds up service but also leads to shorter waiting lines, reducing the chance that customers will leave due to long queues.

Technology fuels sustainable car wash systems

Going digital and embracing eco-friendly practices often go hand in hand, as digital solutions facilitate more efficient resource utilization. “Implementing solutions that evaluate the level of dirtiness on a car helps to adjust the amount of chemicals, water, and other resources used. This approach cuts down on both resource use and costs. In the future, technologies can identify the car model and brand, allowing for more personalized adjustments to washing components and better cost management,” Kristijonas Minelga states.

This digital approach not only enhances resource efficiency and cuts costs but also has the potential to attract new customers. As 78% of purchasing decisions are influenced by sustainable practices, providing a more resource-efficient approach can attract new customers.

Apps improve customer convenience

Digitalization not only speeds up service and enhances environmental friendliness in car washing but also significantly boosts customer convenience. For example, self-service apps offer easy to access subscription plans, changing the way people shop and consume products.

“We see that customers are incorporating stops at the car wash into their daily commute – especially subscription customers,” says Kristijonas Minelga. “In the future, we will see further personalization of services based on customer habits, car models, and other criteria, enhancing the efficiency and customization of the car wash experience.”


PRO BRO is the fastest-growing international franchise network of express tunnel car washes. The company employs cutting-edge technology to create a next-generation cleanliness culture where the vehicle is washed in 96 seconds. Four different-sized express tunnel models have varying capacities for car wash: the MAXI model alone is capable of servicing around 500K cars per year and a network of five car washes can clean up to 2.5M cars annually. With more than 26 years of experience in the sector and over 700 employees, PRO BRO is the largest specialized car wash and premises cleaning network in Lithuania. 

Posted 2024/05/21