Investment risk disclosure

The financial data presented is for indicative and informative purposes only – the stated financial metrics are projections which are based on specific assumptions about the business (including the technological capacity of the specific car wash model, the average price charged for the service, and the generated flow of clients) and projected market conditions. Past results only show the results of a car washes’ activities for a past period, and these past results do not constitute a reliable indicator of future results. Past results do not guarantee future performance.

The actual express tunnel car wash performance metrics and IRR achieved will depend on the specific operational results and investment structure, and on changing market conditions and associated risks, all of which can impact the investment project. When investing financially into the PRO BRO franchise, each investor must rely on their own free willpower and personal decision-making. The past performance of existing express tunnel car washes and future projections for newly-built express tunnel car washes may not necessarily guarantee future investment returns. Investment returns may fluctuate due to the specifics of an individual business, market conditions, and other factors. By investing in the PRO BRO franchise, you take on an investment risk and there is no guarantee that your investment will increase in value. Before deciding to invest in specific financial instruments, you must assess yourself, or with the help of consultants, whether the investment risk is acceptable to you. You are responsible for your own investment decisions and should read the investment documents and other relevant information carefully before making them.