A Master Franchisee leads a franchise business at a regional or national level. As a PRO BRO Master Franchisee, you can introduce an industry-disrupting business model and develop a chain of innovative facilities in your market. And all with the strong support of industry experts who have over 26 years' experience. Let our experts introduce you to PRO BRO's master franchise opportunities.

The potential of express car washes
Washes that are 8 times faster
A standard wash in an Express car wash only takes 1.5 minutes. In contrast, a standard wash in an automatic car wash takes 12 minutes.
New demand
Express car washes are expanding the car wash market by creating new demand. The average frequency of car washing increases to 3 times per month when Express car washes are added to the market. This means a new culture of cleanliness is being created.
Enviromentally friendly
Express car washes use environmentally-friendly innovations, including recycling up to 90% of the used water. Also, smart car scanning technology reduces chemical consumption by 50%. These solutions not only benefit the environment, but also lower the cost of washing.
“Do it for me” vs. “DIY”
Speed and convenience are the main drivers of growth in the car wash market. Customers are increasingly choosing "do-it-for-me" services, and Express car washes are a perfect example of this approach.
Low-labor operations
PRO BRO’s innovative systems and solutions, combined with our expert support, allow owners to reduce labor costs to a minimum.
Advantages of becoming a Master Franchisee
Potential for solid financial returns with solid EBIT margins
Proven business model built on 26 years of car wash experience
High quality training and development support
Exclusive access to high performance washing equipment
Flexible site design model and advanced site selection
master franchise target markets
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  • current market
Market potential +40 Express car washes
18 Express car washes
6 under development
Market potential +40 Express car washes
Market potential +30 Express car washes
Market potential +10 Express car washes
2 Express car washes
2 under development
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