Driving Franchise Success: The Advantages of Express Car Wash Technology
Driving Franchise Success: The Advantages of Express Car Wash Technology
Posted 2024/07/09 by Eva Kinderytė

As a leading provider of advanced car wash solutions, PRO BRO offers a comprehensive franchise system designed to maximize business potential and elevate customer experience.

The Advantages Of Express Tunnel Car Washes

Express tunnel car washes offer a quick and efficient way to wash multiple vehicles simultaneously. This article explores the key advantages of adopting this car wash method.

Express tunnel vs. in-bay car wash

Express tunnel car washes not only streamline the car washing process, completing a standard wash in just about 96 seconds per car, but they also offer a markedly more efficient solution than traditional automatic in-bay car washes.

While in-bay washes require the vehicle to stay stationary for a washing cycle that typically lasts around 10 minutes, express tunnel washes dramatically cut this down to approximately 96 seconds from payment to exit. 

The design of express tunnel car washes further maximizes efficiency by accommodating up to seven cars on the conveyor belt simultaneously. This setup enables the system to handle up to 220+ cars per hour, with standout facilities setting records by washing 270 cars in a single hour. Over a year, this translates into more than 500.000 cars serviced in one express tunnel. This high throughput significantly boosts the revenue potential for owners and franchisees, making the express tunnel format not only faster but also more profitable.

A faster service not only enhances the customer experience but also addresses common complaints about the time-consuming nature of car washes and inconvenient facilities, which often lead to less frequent visits. Additionally, eco-conscious consumers often express concerns over water waste. Express tunnel car washes address these issues by reducing the washing time to less than two minutes without requiring customers to leave their cars, reusing up to 90% of water, and streamlining the process with an app-based subscription model, making it both smooth and affordable.

Market expansion and customer experience

Express tunnel car washes are not just fast; they are changing people’s car washing habits. By increasing the average frequency of visits to three times per month, these facilities are promoting a culture of regular vehicle maintenance and cleanliness. This shift supports the growing trend towards “do-it-for-me” services, where convenience and speed are paramount in car care, positioning express car washes at the forefront of this movement.

At PRO BRO, the customer experience is further enhanced by the design and aesthetics of the buildings. With attractive layouts, expansive glass constructions, and colorful branding, PRO BRO facilities are designed to create a welcoming and engaging environment, which in turn fosters customer loyalty.

The service efficiency is complemented by a streamlined entry and exit process. Various payment options are available through distinct lanes designated for cash transactions, unlimited membership plan holders, and mobile app users, ensuring that the process is quick and simple for every customer. The integration of design and functionality not only enhances the customer experience but also drives market expansion by attracting a broader customer base.

Environmental impact and reduced labor costs

At PRO BRO Express Car Washes, we prioritize blending environmental responsibility with operational efficiency. Our water recycling system recycles up to 90% of water and slashes chemical usage by half through smart car scanning, benefiting the planet and trimming operational expenses. Innovative systems streamline operations, allowing owners to efficiently manage their car washes with fewer staff, boosting profitability while maintaining top-notch service standards.

The Benefits of Joining the PRO BRO Franchise

Joining the PRO BRO franchise offers numerous advantages for business growth and operational success in the car wash industry. Franchisees have access to technology including app-based memberships, license plate recognition, and water recycling systems that enhance efficiency and customer experience.


PRO BRO supports franchisees with a robust marketing strategy, comprehensive training, and exclusive high-performance equipment, ensuring top-quality service. With 25 years of industry experience, PRO BRO’s model maximizes profitability and customer satisfaction. 

Franchisees benefit from flexible site models, expert development support, and financial consultation to help secure funding. These comprehensive benefits make PRO BRO a leader in the car wash industry, providing all the tools necessary for a thriving business.

A Smarter Type Of Car Wash

Express tunnel car washes represent a significant leap forward in automotive care technology, combining speed, efficiency, and smart innovations to redefine the car wash experience. These systems employ advanced technologies that not only streamline the washing process but also enhance its effectiveness and sustainability.

If you are interested in Express tunnel car wash, get in touch with our sales team for a free consultation  info@probrofranchise.com

Posted 2024/07/09