Frequently asked questions
  • General questions
    What is included in PRO BRO system?

    PRO BRO system includes know-how on cleaning products and other items required to wash cars, as well as on specific equipment, materials and supplies required for car wash operations, which are selected and tested over long term operation by SB; methods, uniform standards, proprietary designs, specifications and procedures for operations; procedures for management control; training and assistance; merchandising, advertising and promotional programs; comprehensive operations and training manuals and more.

    What is PRO BRO?

    Since 1998, PRO BRO has grown from a single car wash in Lithuania to the fastest growing network of Express car washes in Europe. We continue our expansion in one of the fastest growing industries and are looking for franchise candidates that meet our criteria to grow with us all around the globe. PRO BRO operates its own 7 Express car washes and 3 more are under development. PRO BRO mission it to deliver value through creating a culture of cleanliness.

    How do I start the process of applying for a PRO BRO franchise?

    Submit application form on our website, and our Franchise Development Manager will contact you. An online application can be submitted electronically.

    What is per hour vehicle capacity at PRO BRO Express car wash?

    PRO BRO Express Car Wash systems can accomplish a complete wash cycle that includes a dryer in less than 2 minutes, processing over 220+ cars per hour. One Express Car Wash cleans the same amount of cars per month as 35 standard in bay automatic car washes. High capabilities of PRO BRO Express car wash allows maximize your revenue, profit and ROI.

    Who will select the location?

    It is the responsibility of the franchise owner to acquire a suitable location. However, we will work with you during the land plot selection process, and all land plots must be reviewed and accepted by PRO BRO.

    What is the term of the franchise agreement?

    The term of the Franchise Agreement is twenty (20) years and it can be renewed 3 times for three additional terms of ten (10) years each.

    What is the royalty fee?

    Royalty fee is 4% of gross sales.

    Is there advertising fee?

    Yes. National advertising fee is 1,5% of gross sales. This fund will be used for national and regional marketing programs, advertising materials, public relations activities such as television, radio, magazine, billboard, newspaper, e-commerce, direct mail and other media programs and activities; for conducting marketing surveys and test marketing; employing advertising agencies; development and maintenance of our Website; and providing promotional brochures, coupons and other marketing materials to all franchisees of the System and etc.

    Also franchisee must conduct local marketing and promotion for his Franchised Business. Each franchisee is required to spend a minimum of 1% of gross sales each month for marketing and promotion of your Franchised Business. Owner/Operators work with local agencies to place advertisements and, in some cases, produce their own creative material.

    What is the initial investment cost to open a PRO BRO Express car wash?

    There are numerous geographical factors that affect the costs of construction, equipment, as well as location and type of site model. The estimated total investment required to open Express car wash normally ranges from 1.5M € to 3.5M €. Franchise Disclosure Document provides a range of costs by category for your review.

    How much money do I have to have?

    PRO BRO requires each applicant to have a minimum of 300k € of liquid assets available to invest in PRO BRO Express car wash. While this is a minimum requirement, PRO BRO may require that an applicant have a significantly higher amount of liquid assets available to inject into a multiple Express car wash purchase.