Reasons to buy tunnel car wash franchise
Reasons to buy tunnel car wash franchise
Posted 2023/02/10 by PRO BRO

An Express Car Wash franchise can be a great option if you’re considering starting a car wash business. These car washes use a conveyor system to move vehicles through a series of cleaning stations, providing a thorough and efficiently clean in a short amount of time, which at PRO BRO Express is less than 2 minutes. Therefore, they are a popular choice for car owners who want a quick, efficient way to clean their vehicles.

Investing in an Express Car Wash franchise might be a terrific choice if you’re considering opening a car wash business. These car washes employ a conveyor system to transport cars through washing stations, giving them an in-depth clean quickly—at PRO BRO Express, that time is less than two minutes. Thus, they are a well-liked option for automobile owners looking for a quick, effective solution to clean their vehicles.

Express Car Wash frequently provides a wide range of services, including everything from basic exterior washing to more advanced services such as waxing, tire shining, and even detailing. Customers may select the level of cleaning they want for their car and, if they so want, add on other services.

Besides, “Grand View Research” predicts that in 2025 the global market for car washing services will grow to 33.7 billion euros (about 4% natural annual growth, which is accelerated by Express car washes). Factors influencing market growth:

  • Consumers desire to maintain a higher residual value of cars.
  • Laws that prevent vehicles from being washed at home.
  • The growing purchasing power of consumers.
  • Technological changes ensure convenience (speed, subscriptions, free services, and increasing supply).



  1. One of the main reasons that people choose to franchise an Express car wash is that it can be a very profitable business. Express car washes typically have high customer volume so that they can generate a lot of revenue. Due to automation and an effective conveyor system, a tunnel car wash also has comparatively cheap operational costs.
  2. Another reason to franchise a tunnel car wash is that it is a relatively low-risk business venture. Express car washes are typically located in busy areas, which means that there is a steady flow of potential customers. In addition, the franchise model provides franchisees access to proven business systems and support, which can help them operate their Express car wash business successfully.
  3. Additionally, the resources needed to set up an Express car wash are generally lower than those for a traditional car wash, as the franchiser gives full support in every step of the process. Furthermore, the car wash industry is generally stable and recession-proof, which can provide a measure of security for the franchise owner.


Overall, an Express car wash franchise can be a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a profitable, low-risk venture. With a proven business model and a range of services that customers want, a tunnel car wash franchise can provide franchisees with a rewarding and successful business.

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Posted 2023/02/10