Lithuanian Car Wash Franchise Network Set to Boost Local Economy in Estonia
Lithuanian Car Wash Franchise Network Set to Boost Local Economy in Estonia
Posted 2024/05/09 by Ieva Bublytė-Babelė

As Europe increasingly focuses on environmental protection, vehicle maintenance habits require an eco-conscious revamp like water recycling or minimal use of chemicals. The international franchise network PRO BRO, focusing on expansion in Estonia, aims to enhance the country’s car cleaning habits, at the same time fostering the local economy with new job opportunities.

The European car washing systems market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 6.95% through 2033, offering promising opportunities for franchise investors. This market growth poses a chance for creating stable employment opportunities and thereby contributing to local economic growth. However, the industry faces significant environmental challenges related to water usage and chemical impacts. Investing in resource-efficient technologies might expedite the development of sustainable cleaning practices and create economic resilience for local communities.

As  PRO BRO, the fastest-growing international franchise network of express tunnel car washes, plans its expansion into Estonia, the company aims to catalyze job creation and provide eco-conscious cleaning services. By attracting investors, PRO BRO is striving to contribute to Estonia’s economic growth while also making the car wash industry more sustainable.

Nurturing local economies through franchising

An expansion of a car wash franchise network into Estonia could significantly boost local employment, creating job opportunities in various roles such as cashiers, maintenance staff, and managers as each express tunnel car wash generates up to eight positions. Similar expansions in Lithuania have led to the establishment of 19 car wash locations, which have collectively contributed to the creation of approximately 150 new jobs, not including roles in the broader business operations.

Further, investments in the car wash franchise can also increase local tax revenues, enabling enhanced funding for public services and infrastructure improvements. This boost in revenue would also support broader economic development, benefiting both residents and businesses. Kristijonas Minelga, Head of Business Development and Franchise at PRO BRO comments: “Franchising a car wash business brings additional revenue to local businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and retail stores. This creates a multiplier effect, where the initial investment in the car wash franchise stimulates spending throughout other sectors of the local economy.”

At the same time, by opting to become a franchise owner, local entrepreneurs will receive the company’s know-how in the car wash industry, including marketing, location selection, and adoption of innovative technologies. The franchise owners will also get ongoing support on operational procedures, customer service standards, and environmental regulations to ensure consistency and quality across all franchise locations.

Advancing sustainability in the car wash industry

Given Estonia’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the sustainability challenges the car wash industry faces, car wash providers must integrate green practices into their operations. The high volumes of water consumed during operations and the use of chemical detergents present the two biggest challenges the industry needs to address. These pressing issues underscore the need for the industry to adopt more eco-friendly practices.

The high water usage not only strains local water supplies but also escalates operational costs. Solutions such as reducing water consumption and recycling wash water, along with minimizing the use of chemical detergents, can not only help cut costs but also comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations in Europe. Moreso, “embracing environmental values means standing out in the market where convenience and efficiency are non-negotiable standards” Kristijonas Minelga states. 



PRO BRO is the fastest-growing international franchise network of express tunnel car washes. The company employs cutting-edge technology to create a next-generation cleanliness culture where the vehicle is washed in 96 seconds. Four different-sized express tunnel models have varying capacities for car wash: the MAXI model alone is capable of servicing around 500K cars per year and a network of five car washes can clean up to 2.5M cars annually. With more than 26 years of experience in the sector and over 700 employees, PRO BRO is the largest specialized car wash and premises cleaning network in Lithuania. 


Posted 2024/05/09