Industry trends that make tunnel car wash business worth investment
Industry trends that make tunnel car wash business worth investment
Posted 2022/05/20 by PRO BRO

Express tunnel car washes are now the most innovative and market-disrupting technology serving up to 220 cars in a day and regularly providing simple access to the service, enhancing daily automobile care and cleanliness. In fact, daily care will be even more necessary in the future for two main reasons:

  • Car-sharing services are expected to grow in demand, according to statistics. COVID emphasized the importance of cleanliness, and car maintenance is no exception. Express tunnel car washes are unique because customers do not have to leave the car wash when they enter, making the service touchless.
  • Self-driving cars will become more common in the near future. The road and other drivers will be monitored by cameras and sensors for self-driving cars, requiring more frequent vehicle cleaning to maintain them clean and accurate for safety.

For these reasons and growing interest in the car wash industry, 5 main trends appear in the market:

1. Automation (license plate recognition and app technology).

LPR and App technology implementations exceed accuracy, allowing club members to be managed more conveniently through an app interface while also providing a superior guest experience. Furthermore, there is a growing trend of using a cellphone as a point of sale, and app technology will allow car wash companies to eliminate auto tellers and reduce money.

2. Cashless washing.

Statistics show that around 10% of people still use cash as their primary payment method. However, when COVID started, many car wash businesses made a bold move to shut down cash entirely, becoming a new trend. According to these business owners, only 2 out of 1000 people resist changes; however, they still might have a credit card. If someone truly did not have a payment method, they would wash the car for free and advise them about it so they would come back next time.

3. Consolidation and density.

Larger chains of automatic car washes are replacing small, independently owned car washes. It can be explained as a natural transition because of people like saving their time and receiving efficient, high-quality services. Besides, this trend can be seen in larger cities and in smaller towns.

4. Upscale car washes.

There is a growing trend for upscale tunnel car washes that attract attention, have a maximum processing ability of 2000 cars per day, and have self-sufficient staff maintenance and wash technicians in-house. The car washes provide high-quality, fast service with an excellent customer experience and are a growing trend, especially for millennials.

5. Franchising.

Franchises are the standard of the retail business because they work. In the car wash industry, these franchises come with proven processes, advanced management skills and maintenance training, operations support and ongoing consultations, centralized services, advanced access to technology, and economies of scale, which allow saving money on purchases.

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Posted 2022/05/20