How to choose the right franchise for your investment?
How to choose the right franchise for your investment?
Posted 2022/11/11 by PRO BRO

Securing a prosperous financial future for you and your family, growing your business empire, multiplying the value of your current savings. All of these are possible if you choose the right franchise opportunity.

We have built one of Europe’s fastest-growing franchises, so we are perfectly placed to give you the lowdown on how franchising works, including some of the key points you should consider when choosing a franchise:

1. Territory.

What spaces are available in your area? If you are in a big city, it is going to be hard to get these prime real estate spots as they are going to be taken already. You should also think about how well established the brand is. If you are going for a popular restaurant franchise, you are going to find out that all the best territories are already taken.

2. Costs and fees.

For each type of franchise there will be differences in how much you must pay. First, what is the initial investment and here you will need to factor in both – the franchise fee and the costs of establishing your business unit. Also, think about business startup costs – leasing a location, purchasing all the required equipment and operating costs. In addition, franchisors will require you to prove your net worth.

3. Support.

Franchisors are different in terms of how they run their business. Some are hands-on, and they will help you with everything – from finding the right location, to marketing your business and training your staff. Others are more low touch – you might get the manual and the right to use the brand. Think carefully about how much support you will need when starting a new business and look carefully at the franchise agreement on the offer so you understand exactly what your franchisor will and will not do for you.

4. Profitability.

You can spend relatively little to set up a salon or a cleaning franchise but how much revenue can you generate from these? Salons, for example, are limited by the number of customers you can serve per hour. The appeal of largest setups like hotels, restaurants and our express tunnel car washes is the potential to make big bucks. For example, our Maxi units can generate over 2 million euro every year.

5. Think long-term.

After all, this is an investment – something you pay to establish and then you will want to see the returns on 10, 20, 30 years down the line. Check how established and reputable the franchise business is. One advantage that big, well-known brands have is people see them as stable, and they have proven themselves over decades. But this does not only apply to the big names, just be sure you do your search into the franchisor and check that they have a long history of successful operations.

How PRO BRO sizes up in these areas?

Our partnership agreements with some of the biggest real estate developers help us get into prime locations that would be otherwise difficult to secure. And securing these strategic spots mean higher revenue potential for you.

What is more, our initial franchise fee is from 50 k euros and then the amount of initial investment depends on the type of car wash. One key difference compared to other high-revenue franchises is that running costs can be kept low. That is because our express car washes are designed to be low labor – so that means a smaller team and then an equally small monthly payroll bill.

Besides, we are a very hands-on franchisor. We do market research to find the most suitable cities, we conduct in depth location analysis to find a prime location for your business, we organize all the equipment delivery and construction ourselves. Because our express tunnel car washes include cutting edge technology, we make sure everything is installed correctly. We support you with marketing and opening events and we are there to help you with maintenance and to get your business operating at maximum efficiency.

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Posted 2022/11/11