Drive Toward Digital: Enhancing Customer Experience in Car Care
Drive Toward Digital: Enhancing Customer Experience in Car Care
Posted 2024/04/25 by Ieva Bublytė-Babelė

The service industry is embracing digital technologies to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience. This shift towards digitalization is helping businesses create personalized interactions and optimize operations, leading to increased profitability and market share.

Businesses in the service industry, such as restaurants and automotive service providers, are increasingly turning to digital technology like mobile apps and automation to streamline processes and drive growth.

According to a study by the SAP Center for Business Insights and Oxford Economics, companies that effectively implement digital transformation report significant gains, with 80% experiencing higher profitability and 85% seeing growth in market share.

However, the trend toward digital transformation entails certain challenges. To fully benefit from digitalization, traditionally offline businesses must reimagine their connections with customers, balancing new technology with the personal touch that an existing client base has come to expect.

Enhancing service through digital integration 

The service industry’s push toward digital integration is well-illustrated by PRO BRO, the fastest-growing express tunnel car wash network in Europe. Building on a 26-year history, the company exemplifies the incorporation of digital solutions into a well-established service sector.

“Digitalization offers a wide range of benefits that can give companies a significant competitive edge, and increase efficiency and productivity,” says Ignas Pranskevičius, Managing director and Board Member at PRO BRO Group and CEO at PRO BRO Asset Management. “By adopting cutting-edge technologies, and delivering innovative products and services, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors, attract new customers, and capture market share.”

Digital solutions like mobile app payments, business data monitoring tools, and automated license plate scanning can enhance customer satisfaction and improve overall efficiency.

Optimization and customer experience

The integration of digital technologies provides an opportunity for businesses in the service industry to enhance their interactions with customers. By leveraging data, companies can create personalized experiences that align with customer preferences and encourage loyalty.

“Digitalization can significantly impact profitability and efficiency. It allows businesses to optimize operations, automate various processes, and reduce the number of manual errors,” explains Pranskevičius. “In addition, digital technologies make it possible to track and analyze key performance metrics easily, gain insights into their operations, and identify areas for improvement.”

Such insights enable companies to offer tailored experiences that resonate with individual preferences. Digital loyalty programs exemplify this personalized approach, allowing for more targeted promotions and rewards, deepening customer engagement, and encouraging repeat business.

“In today’s fast-paced world, there is a high demand for services and products that are easy to use, convenient, and time-saving,” says Pranskevičius. “But digitalization can also align with sustainability goals, helping reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, allowing businesses to demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility.”

For example, PRO BRO car washes are fitted with smart scanning systems that analyze a car’s dirtiness and automatically adjust the amount of chemicals used. In this way, digitalization reduces waste and limits overall environmental impact.

Navigating digital transformation hurdles

The journey to digital transformation is rarely without obstacles, as the introduction of any significant digital tool can introduce complexities into daily operations and potentially impact service delivery.

Compliance and cybersecurity stand out as two other critical considerations for any digitization effort. “Complying with regulatory requirements, such as data privacy laws (e.g., GDPR) and industry-specific regulations, can also pose challenges,” says Pranskevičius.

“It is also important to consider cybersecurity risks, such as data breaches, ransomware attacks, and phishing scams. It can be mitigated by implementing robust security measures and providing cybersecurity awareness training to employees.”

While the route to digital transformation may present challenges, careful planning, wise technology selection, and adherence to compliance and security measures are key to navigating the transition successfully.



PRO BRO is the fastest-growing international franchise network of express tunnel car washes. The company employs cutting-edge technology to create a next-generation cleanliness culture where the vehicle is washed in 96 seconds. Four different-sized express tunnel models have varying capacities for car wash: the MAXI model alone is capable of servicing around 500K cars per year and a network of five car washes can clean up to 2.5M cars annually. With more than 26 years of experience in the sector and over 700 employees, PRO BRO is the largest specialized car wash and premises cleaning network in Lithuania. 

Posted 2024/04/25