5 advantages of investing in an already developed PRO BRO Express car wash
5 advantages of investing in an already developed PRO BRO Express car wash
Posted 2022/09/07 by PRO BRO

Investing in a pre-developed car wash by PRO BRO comes with a wide range of advantages. Here are 5 of the biggest.

1. Help with location selection

Finding the best location for your franchise is critical for the healthy growth of your business. Our professional team will look at a wide range of location selection criteria, including population, competition, street types, car counts, and more, before making the final decision on the perfect location for your business.

2. Construction and design handled by our team

PRO BRO’s experienced construction and design team will find the right express car wash layout for your premises. They will also create a unique facility design that fully utilizes natural light, which is great for keeping costs down while providing a visually striking building. Every design decision is made thoughtfully, and all with the goal of providing a customer experience that encourages repeat visits and helps you maximize the revenue from your investment. Best of all, your car wash will be fully designed and built by our professionals, giving your peace of mind and helping you focus on getting your business up and running.

3. Guidance in finding financing

In some instances, we may offer funding assistance for your express car wash. And while we do not offer financing to our franchisees, we can direct you to several third-party lenders who can assist you with financing.

4. In-depth business planning

We will work closely with you to develop a plan that will serve as the financial and operational guide for your express car wash during the critical start-up phase. This plan, which will include details of the solid revenue model and great return potential your high-quality car wash facility will have, will help you convince a bank or funding institution to support you.

5. Our exclusive franchise and operations training program

We will give you all the tools, knowledge, and support you need to be successful. We provide up to one month of classroom and on-site training, leaving you fully confident when the doors of your new business open. During this training you will gain hands-on experience of managing your Express car wash, which will help you to efficiently operate the object. PRO BRO will also provide you with expert consulting services in all aspects of your business operations.
If you want to manage your own business with the backing of a strong brand and lots of hands-on support – here is the perfect opportunity for you!

We currently have a franchise investment opportunity available for a PRO BRO express tunnel car wash business in Panevezys, Lithuania. PRO BRO’s network of express car washes currently consists of 10 objects that are currently operating. In total, 11 franchises have been sold so far. Most objects are sold to franchisees at the development stage – this fact indicates that the business is performing well and the brand is reliable.

Here are the details of the opportunity in Panevezys:

  • A strategic location for high revenue on Klaipėdos str. 162B,
  • Planned completion of the works and business opening in 2023 Q3,
  • The object is our MIDI model, with a capacity of 160 cars per hour.
  • The approximate investment size is €900,000,
  • Expected return on investment in 5.5 years.

Want to become a franchisee of one of the fastest-growing Express car wash networks in Europe? Contact the PRO BRO Express team via email: info@probrofranchise.com

Posted 2022/09/07