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What It Takes

We are pleased that you are interested in becoming a PRO BRO Franchisee. We encourage you to learn more about our minimum qualifiers below. If you believe you would be a fit for the PRO BRO community, please contact us today.


20 Years
Franchise Term

At least €1 M
Net Worth

Minimum €300 K
Liquid Assets


Commited to participate in the actual franchise business

Good repute and and ambitiousness

Trust In The System
And Experience

Experience Of Industry Isn't Necessary

Franchise Fees

45 000 €

Initial Franchise Fee




National Advertising

Types Of Franchise Agreements


It is an appropriate path to consider if you are interested to start from one PRO BRO Express car wash in a specific geographic area.


This type of agreement is ideal for candidates who wants to develop at least three PRO BRO Express car washes in a specific geographic area or for existing franchisees adding additional sites.

Ways To Join


Develop a new Express car wash on real estate you own or lease.


Purchase one of our existing locations.


Rebrand your existing location.

Initial Investment

€700k+ to €2M+

The estimated total investment required to open Express car wash. Estimated prices do not include the purchase of land.

In addition to the initial franchise fee, each location is different and the initial investment varies depending on general cost of building in your location, cost of real estate, type of site model and size, local labor, insurance, permitting, etc.

A large portion of this amount may be financed by funding institutions. While we do not offer financing but we have extensive experience with numerous lenders. We will consult in communicating with lenders regarding lending needs.

Application Process

Our process is designed to guide you through each step smoothly and effectively.

Step 1 Submit Franchise Application

If you are interested in the benefits of becoming a PRO BRO Franchisee, complete application form on our website, and our Franchise Development Manager will contact you.

Step 2 Meet Franchise Development Manager

Upon receipt of application form, our professional team arranges an initial meeting. This is the stage when we learn more about each other. We’ll ask about your experience, current projects, vision of how you would like develop PRO BRO in a specific geographic area, etc. We will introduce general information about PRO BRO franchise concept, equipment, investment size and benefits.

Step 3 Sign Franchise Disclosure Document

Depending upon our review, and the existence of potential opportunities, we will provide additional information including PRO BRO Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). After you acknowledge receipt of the FDD, we can provide more detailed information about the franchise offering.

Step 4 Conduct Local Research

Potential franchisee prepares a market research of interest area to open PRO BRO Express car wash: competition, pricing, habits of users, potential of tunnel car washes, locations you are interested, demographics, traffic data and etc. We will review your market research and, if approved we will move to next step.

Step 5 Sign Franchise Agreement

When you are ready to begin the formal process of becoming a franchisee, we will issue a Franchise Agreement for you. When agreement is signed and Initial franchise fee of 45,000 € is paid, you are now a PRO BRO franchisee and you are ready to get your new business open!

Step 6 Secure land plot

Franchisee selects location for his Express car wash. Land plot selection assistance will be provided from PRO BRO representatives. The location must meet PRO BRO requirements for land plot and must be approved by PRO BRO.

Step 7 Secure Financing

Probably you will need a business loan to fund your franchise investment. We do not provide direct financing. However, we have a lot of experience with numerous lenders. We will consult in communicating with lenders regarding lending needs.

Step 8 Build Your Express car wash

PRO BRO provides franchisees with standard construction documents designed for construction of PRO BRO standard buildings. We will provide you with design, specifications and equipment packages. PRO BRO representatives will assist throughout the construction and equipment installation process.

Step 9 Attend Training

Our exclusive franchise and operations training program build on lessons learned over many years of successful car wash operations. We provide up to one month of training at our headquarter mix of classroom and on PRO BRO site wash, also onsite training and online learning courses.


Step 10 Grand opening!

Now you’ve had your grand opening celebration, it’s not the end – it’s just the beginning. Our Operations, Marketing and Training teams will continue to support you throughout your agreement’s lifetime.

Site Requirements

Good traffic count

Preferably 5000+ cars per hour

Densely populated

60 000+ population within 10 min.
reach around the location

Easy entrance
and exit

First row and good visibility

Near shopping centers

Or other service providers

Speed limit
70 km/h or less

Near traffic light
if possible

Best if on corner

Growing population