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Franchise support

When you own PRO BRO franchise, you gain access to leading car wash industry professionals deeply invested in your success. Design, installation, set-up, daily operations, maintenance, innovations and marketing – each requires the right professionals with the right experience - our support team will assist you in all aspects of operating your PRO BRO franchise. With this franchise opportunity you will get a full package, we will not only be the providers, but your partners along the way.


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The Franchise Development Team is your first point of contact with PRO BRO.

They will assist you with the number of Express car washes to be developed, your development plan and schedule, territory to be developed, and navigation of the franchise award process. The Franchise Development Team will also provide guidance and support during your site procurement for your PRO BRO location.


Business Planning

We’ll work with you to develop a plan that can be used as the financial and operational guide for your Express car wash during the critical start-up phase of your business. Solid revenue model for a truly high quality car wash facility and equipment with great return potential will help convince your bank or funding institutions.


Location Selection

Finding the best location for your PRO BRO franchise is important to the healthy growth of your business. Great care must be taken when selecting the location on which you want to build. Our team will provide descriptions of location criteria to consider (including population, competition, street types, car counts, and more) and our PRO BRO support team will help you select and approve the best locations available in your area.



We may offer funding assistance for your Express car wash. While we do not offer financing, we can direct you to several third-party lenders who can assist with financing.

Construction And Design Team

Construction and Design Team will assist you with all matters relating to design and construction of PRO BRO Express car wash following the brand standards and elements.

The team will work with you on the Express car wash layout, design, and finishes, as well as help educate you on the best practices in designing and building PRO BRO Express car wash. The team will also help connect you with our approved vendors for the various materials, furniture, fixtures and equipment needed to construct a PRO BRO Express car wash that meets PRO BRO standards. We develop unique facility design with natural light, bright car wash bay and colorful wash service which provides customer experience that encourages repeat visits to make the most of your investment.

Operations Team

PRO BRO exclusive franchise and operations training program build on lessons learned over 21 years of successful car wash operations.

We will give you the tools, knowledge, and support you need to be successful. We provide up to one month a mix of classroom and on-site wash training leaving you confident when the doors open. You’ll gain hands-on experience in the running of Express car wash and learn the different roles, from what a crew member does to how manager operates Express car wash. Education continues with additional learning courses and more.

Never-Ending support from ongoing training. Helping your guests get questions answered and problems solved, our support team is helping you watch and improve every area of your wash ensuring a great experience for your guests and increased profitability for you. PRO BRO will provide you with expert consulting services in all aspects of your business operation.


  • Training modules based on many years of operation experience
  • 20 days of training at PRO BRO headquarter (for three trainees)
  • On-site team training
  • Operations Manual encourages consistency. We provide a detailed manual with the important information, procedures, forms and more
  • Online training tutorials and tests provided to assist you in training your new employees
  • 10 days of collaboration to run your site together
  • Our Operations team continually designs and upgrades the training materials used in our training programs

Location Selection

  • Full customer care support regarding unlimited membership plans
  • Online support helping you solve guest questions and issues
  • Online tools for Managers communications on franchise management issues
  • Remote monitoring of operations
  • Remote access to Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Single-point-of-contact Franchise Business Consultant
  • Our Operations team, along with your Franchise Business Consultant, will continue to work with you to keep you up to date on the latest operational best-practices

Marketing Team

Our Marketing team is responsible for all aspects of brand marketing for PRO BRO, we will provide comprehensive and highly professionalized marketing support before, during, and after your car wash’s grand opening.

Support covers designs and materials for use in traditional and on-site marketing, as well as digital marketing campaigns and social media channels which are mostly focused on Unlimited membership plans sales and guest engagement.

We manage your social media channels and online directories, providing a constant stream of social media and video content, implementing new seasonal campaigns, and closely managing your online reputation and reviews. All marketing actions are managed on daily basis and evaluated regularly for effectiveness.

Marketing is strategic process of engaging consumers for the first time and making them your clients for a lifetime.

Brand Fund

  • National advertising campaign strategies
  • Brand compliance ensures brand consistency
    in different locations
  • Marketing asset library for franchisees
  • Centralized management of web & digital platforms
  • Marketing calendar and campaigns
  • Digital marketing management
  • Social media reputation protection

Local Marketing

  • Design and production services for location specific campaigns
  • Assistance with pre-opening, soft opening and grand opening management
  • Single-point-of-contact Franchise Marketing Coordinator
  • Quarterly reviews and reports

Supply Chain Team

Our Supply Chain team will serve as your supplier for building design, equipment, vacuums and detergents, uniforms and more.

Allowing you to obtain the items you will need at a fair price and of the quality approved by PRO BRO. As well as negotiating the best possible pricing with other suppliers that benefit the entire PRO BRO system.

Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support team in case of mechanical or computer failure at your facility works quickly to identify and resolve problems as they appear, keeping your system running smoothly.

Our friendly, helpful professionals are here to provide you with responsive customer service and technical support online, by phone or at your car wash — whether to take a parts order, fix a problem or address any concern you may have.

Innovations/Product Development Team

PRO BRO product development team is charged with developing innovations and new solutions which helps drive traffic to PRO BRO Express car washes.

  • App-based membership
  • Exclusive members lanes
  • License plate recognition
  • Business intelligence and accounting system
  • Point of Sale (POS) system
  • Detergent management system

We will never stop improving every aspect of the car wash experience from building design, to technology, to pricing, to operations, to marketing and more. PRO BRO commit to bringing you tested and proven solutions.

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